The local cuisine of Bergamo: try delicious tastings at the Roncola Restaurant

The local cuisine of Bergamo: try delicious tastings at the Roncola Restaurant

13 Settembre 2017

It’s important to share precious moments with your loved ones. What’s better than doing it in front of good food? Ristorante Roncola will delight you offering delicious tastings of the local cuisine of Bergamo, prepared with local ingredients skilfully elaborated in special dishes.

The Imagna Valley, a land of history and nature

Ristorante Roncola is located in the middle of the town of Roncola San Bernardo, in the Imagna Valley, just a little over half an hour from Bergamo.

Our territory is perfect if you want to do a weekend getaway, or to spend a Sunday in the company of your loved ones: you can visit many religious and architectural buildings, or walk on the mountain paths and trails: there are many itineraries, suitable for all the ages and interests.

If you want to take a moment of refreshment in a comfortable place, our staff will welcome you with meat and fish dishes.

The local cuisine of Bergamo made with local ingredients and a lot of passion

Ristorante Roncola takes care of good food since the beginnings of its business activity, in the Fifties. The attention towards the quality of the dishes has increased over the years: today, the suggested dishes are prepared only with first-choice ingredients, both for the fish dishes and the meat dishes.

We’re very close to our territory and our people, and we want to promote them through the use of local ingredients: at our restaurant, you can taste Val Taleggio’s natural breadsticks, the bresaola, Roncola’s taleggio cheese and many other local products. We also dedicate our time to the handmade preparation of raw materials. Some examples? Lard, cold cuts and ice cream, as you can see in this video.

Our local dishes will conquer you with tastiness and genuineness. Come to try them!